All of our food is grown using organic methods. It is entirely free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and almost entirely without pesticides.

The majority of milk found in supermarkets, including organic brands, is often not produced locally and has to travel further to reach you. In order to make sure the milk does not go sour prior to making it to the supermarket shelf, it is Ultra-High Temperature pasteurized. This pasteurization process will lengthen the shelf life, but this comes at the sacrifice of quality and taste of the milk. Our milk is bottled directly on the farm using a minimal, low temperature pasteurization and is delivered to us within 1-2 days of being bottled. It is fresher, of better quality and tastes better than milk from the store! You receive the milk dated for sell by not consume by so it often lasts well past the stamped date if kept cold.
We currently delivery during daytime hours, Monday-Friday 6:30am -3PM. When you register you are assigned to one of our delivery routes based on where you live. You can see your "ZONE" at the top corner of the shop page. Occasionally, we will need to change the day/time of your delivery in response to holidays or in the event of inclement weather. These changes are communicated in weekly reminder emails and also in dedicated emails.  If you do not receive an expected delivery please call and leave a message at 732-978-4818 or email us at info@tworiverdairy.com.
We are currently accepting all major credit cards, debit cards, and Electronic Checks (ACH) payments via a secure payment gateway. We have only limited access to payment information and do not store any financial information on our site.
You will be billed weekly, after the delivery has been made allowing us to adjust orders for items not received or available. You will be alerted by email if we have an issue processing payment. If we are unable to process payment your future deliveries my be impacted so please try to keep your payment information up to date. 
We recommend a cooler with a height and width of at least 17 inches to accommodate the milk and any additional items. A 50 quart cooler is usually sufficient for most weekly orders.
You can place a vacation hold on the account at any time by inputting the away dates and selecting save. This will automatically stop any scheduled deliveries during that time period.

If you forget to stop an order you can call and leave a message and email us at info@tworiverdairy.com and we will do our best to suspend the order if possible. 

If wishing to permanently suspend service you can email us at info@tworiverdairy.com. We can schedule a bottle pick up if needed and close out your account. 
NO- we do not have a minimum however all deliveries do have a $5 delivery fee. Setting up deliveries every two weeks or monthly is a great way to save once you have a good idea of your needs.
The milk we carry is not certified organic. The farms follow organic farming practices with one small exception-antibiotics. The farms DO NOT feed antibiotics to their animals, or use antibiotics for prevention of illness. However, in rare instances they will use antibiotics to treat a sick cow if no other course of action is available. The health of their herd is their top priority. On organic farms, antibiotics are completely forbidden, meaning if a cow gets sick they get sent to the slaughterhouse. Our farms believe in the humane treatment of their herd, including antibiotics when necessary. When a cow is treated with antibiotics, she is removed from the heard and her milk is dumped during the entire duration of treatment. Once the cow is no longer being treated, her milk will be tested and dumped until which point it tests completely clear from any trace amount of antibiotics. 
Frequency of deliveries is determined by you-the customer. You can set up recurring deliveries to occur on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis; however there is no requirement to set up recurring orders. You can also order on an as-needed basis.  Once you determine your needs, while not required, we do recommend you set up a recurring order. This helps us better manage inventory and also eliminates the need for you to log in every week to set up your orders.
If you want to join the Two River Dairy family, but we are not currently in our area, ask your neighbors if they are interested in our service. Depending on where you are, we may be able to add new neighborhoods if there is enough interest. If there are at least 5-10 families interested, let us know. And we'll give you a referral bonus! We would love the opportunity to expand our delivery area and help connect even more families with the amazing farmers we partner with!


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