April 11th 2020

Hi Two River Dairy!

It's like the Easter Bunny came early!! THANK YOU so much for our first of many deliveries! We were so happy to see our little cooler had been filled. 

I grew up in a small Amish farm town in Ohio, so I was ELATED to see that Two River Dairy existed when we moved to Monmouth county recently. I imagine your business is booming with new orders right now, and I'm so happy for you, and for the potential lift this current way of life will bring to your team moving forward. 

I am so grateful to be your customer! We have a baby that JUST switched to cow's milk right before all this started and I was stressed out about how I would keep up with milk. You have saved the day for my family, and many many more.

Thank you, sincerely, for being the heroes in times when things like a trip to the market, or a hug or a kiss can be dangerous. 

A million thank yous for the delicious milk and eggs and peace of mind and nostalgia and smiles

Lots of love to you and yours, 

The Nash Family

August 28th 2015

Just wanted to share. My son who doesn't prefer milk had a glass before bed. It's the only option for our kids if they're hungry after dinner. He was drinking it and he said, "this milk is extra yummy!" And then drank the whole glass. I thought you might appreciate that. I sure do as we would love him to drink more milk and feel your delivery milk might just do the trick!                                                                                    Meghan-Fair Haven

September 9th 2015

My wife loved the convenience - she is always running out of milk and cream - but I think loved the look of the milk box more.  Thanks again.              

 Bruce- Fair Haven

October 22nd 2015

Thanks for the first delivery we are loving it, and look to check out some of your other products in the future.                                                                

Ryan- West Long Branch

November 4th 2015

I just wanted to tell you what a great treat it was for me and the kids
to wake up to A Milk box filled with goodies !!! It took me back to my childhood in Pennsylvania.
Thanks again                                                                                 
Michael- SeaBright