Our Farms

Battenkill Valley Creamery-is a century old family run dairy farm that has grown from 12 cows to nearly 350. In 2008 they began bottling their own milk and pride themselves on the fact that the milk goes from cow to bottle in under 8 hours! The cows are 100% free of artificial growth hormones, insecticides, pesticides, or GMO's. 


Meadow Creek Farm- Located in the Finger Lakes region of NY,  produces colorful eggs with intensely yellow yolks, notably firm whites, and a beautifully rich flavor.

Kriemhild Dairy Farms-produces sweet cream Meadow Butter that is churned slowly and finished at a low level of moisture resulting in a decadent butter. The higher fat content (85%) is coveted by chefs for its unique cooking properties. The butter is made throughout the growing season while the cows are grazing on high quality pastures, consuming the most nutritious mix of grasses.

Neshanic Valley Beekeepers offer many "source" quality premium and specialty honeys from NJ. They not only produce and package their own honeys but network with other beekeepers to collect as many RAW tested and trusted source types as possible seasonally. Never altered or manipulated, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality product available.

Mosefund Farm-A NJ farm specializing in pure-breed, pasteur raised Mangalitsa pigs.

Griggstown Farm is a preserved farm in Somerset County, New Jersey.  Nearly 40 years ago George and Joan Rude started the farm. They take great pride in the fact that they do it all right there on the premises. Their poultry is grown naturally and processed in their own USDA processing plant.

Dogwood Farms is a USDA certified organic farm owned and operated by Jon & Kim Knox. Everything on the farm is grown and raised sustainably in Hillsborough, NJ. With 35 acres leased from Duke Farms, Jon & Kim have built a traditionally diverse farm with organic produce and pasture-raised meats. Support from Duke Farms was crucial in launching Dogwood Farms and ensuring the farm's long term sustainability.

The Piggery is a farmer-owned butcher shop featuring pork & house-made charcuterie from their Trumansburg, NY-based farm as well as pork from their farm partners. They are a pastured small-scale operation and work with other farms raising their animals the same way.

Sweet Bee Bakeshop-Claire (Sweet B) Theodore started Sweet Bee Bakeshop with a vision: to bring the best cookies people have ever tasted directly to home kitchens. Sweet Bee Bakeshop’s cookies are unbaked and individually frozen so that you can have a fresh, warm, incredibly good cookie in 15 minutes—with no clean-up! Each bag includes a silicone lined parchment sheet to help each cookie bake perfectly, leaving no need to scrub a cookie sheet. They are made in small batches with only the finest ingredients so you can enjoy an amazing cookie anytime at home.

Red Gate Grocer has a passion and a responsibility to seek out and provide food with integrity from local small providers and farmers. Their desire is to enable small farms that practice the right farming methods an opportunity to sell to a wider audience and be able to stay in business doing the right thing for their family and the land.