About Us

Two River Dairy - Farm Fresh Delivery

Two River Dairy, LLC was born out of an innocent inquiry. My name is Jeanine Doody and I relocated my family of 7 to the Two River region of Monmouth County in October of 2014. As we settled in, I was missing the convenience and taste of the glass bottled milk that was delivered to our previous home.  I searched for similar services without success and ultimately turned to a new found saving grace; my local swap site and was amazed at how many other people- moms, dads and businesses, were interested in this type of service.

I was determined to find a product that was glass bottled and free of artificial growth hormones, pesticides and insecticides. I kept coming back to the same family farm- Battenkill Valley Creamery. Their farm, their cows, their bottling facilities, and -- most importantly -- their family values. It was an easy choice. Why would I offer anything less to my family and my new community? So after many evenings sitting at the kitchen table with my husband Chris, and the occasional sleep evading child or two, we decided to take the leap and to do something for our family as well as our community.

We are committed to bringing you high quality, great tasting,  farm fresh dairy products and pantry staples right to your doorsteps. We look forward to working with our many local farmers to offer seasonal products and local specialty foods. We plan to partner with emerging farmers to introduce some amazing products to our region. Our goal is to encourage you and your families to eat local seasonal foods whenever possible.

We are so excited and look forward to many years serving you and your family. Together we will see our families and our business grow and feel fortunate to have you with us on this journey.